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Getting your Omega's in balance is huge for reducing inflammation throughtout your body. Almost all disease and illness starts from chronic inflammation somewhere in your body. Reducing it, reduces the risks of multiple diseases and illnesses. Get your Omega's Tested and Get Balanced is the first step towards health and healing.

Balance Oil (Watch Video Above)

With a simple poke of the finger, the Balance Test tells you if the foods you're eating are helping your health OR harming your health. It can show if your body is at risk for inflammation which can lead to almost all disease and illness. 


The second step is to further reduce inflammation from the foods you might be eating. Emulin is a natural vitamin-like sugar chaperone. It helps handle any sugar intake from causing inflammation and from being stored as fat. Breads, pasta, rice, as well as desserts, all turn to sugar in the body and Emulin helps process the sugar without damage and inflammation to your body.

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