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Pure AquaMins

*Purify Your Water

*Enrich Your Body with Trace Minerals

*Experience the Essence of Life

*Fast Results – Drink Purified Healthy Water without Contaminants

*Replenish your Body and Cells with Trace Minerals to promote 

*Healing and Help Fight Disease

*Supports and helps rebuild your body’s natural immune system


Patented “Supercritical Extraction Process” is the key to the healing and purifying power.

Trace Minerals are what help our bodies fight disease. Through breathing impure air, eating vegetables and food cultivated in contaminated soil and pesticides, drinking tap water that has been contaminated by disinfectants – we have become deficient in trace minerals – causing our bodies to no longer function properly. By supplying our bodies with minerals, we allow our natural powers of defense to work soundly.

Works Fast to help remove up 99.9% of: Chlorine, fluoride, anaerobic bacteria, viruses, protozoa, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, VOCs, THMs, Turbidity.

In a Bacteria Reduction Test, the PureAquaMins® formula was found to kill four types of bacteria commonly present in water: Escherichia coli, Enterobacter cloacae, Protus mirablis and Pseudomonas aeuginosa.

In a Volatile Organic Compounds Reduction Test, the PureAquaMins® formula was found to decrease more than 80 VOCs to undetectable limits in water.

Because the ingredients in PureAquaMins® are produced using a patented extraction process, this means that PureAquaMins® uses a “one-of-a-kind” purification technology with unique properties that cannot be found in other water purification products. PureAquaMins® ingredients have been tested and proven by an EPA-certified lab.

How to Use Pure AquaMins

To Purify and Enrich Drinking Water

 Add 5 drops of PureAquaMins® to 8 oz. of water or 8 drops to 12 oz. of water. You can use PureAquaMins® with tap water, bottled water, spring water or any kind of water. You may also add like amounts to juices, teas, coffee, smoothies or other water based drinks.

Preparing Food

When cleaning fruits or vegetables before eating, use PureAquaMins® treated drinking water to soak/wash/rinse your food before using them in your food preparation. This will insure that they will be as free of contaminates as possible. You can also use the treated drinking water in place of regular water when making soups or other dishes requiring the addition of water.

Treating Burns, Sunburn, Bee or Wasp Stings, Cuts and Bruises

 If you encounter any of these maladies, you can dab some PureAquaMins® full strength on the area. Do not use on severe burns, seek medical attention.

After Showering

To help neutralize the bad effects of chlorine or even fluoride on your skin by using PureAquaMins®: Using a spray or misting bottle (plastic), put some of the treated PureAquaMins® drinking water in your spray bottle. Following your shower, before towel drying,spray/mist your body all over with your plastic spray/mist bottle. This will help to rid your skin of the residual chlorine or fluoride. Now you can towel dry feeling truly clean and refreshed.

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